Verthian Chronicles

New Beginnings

We got together and discussed how Nek (Michael’s monk), Dechebal, and Vescovo (Corey’s priest) know each other, along with what they like and dislike about each other. We went over how the last campaign session ended and discussed the direction the new campaign will take.

Everyone agreed to add their characters to Obsidian Portal.

New City, Tough Tactics

February 3, 2010

The group finished up after the combat at the temporary storage house and got some sleep at Halia’s temporary residence across the street. Upon waking the next day they reported to the Baron, Padraig Malken, what had happened. After relaying the story, the party was told that their story dovetailed rather nicely with the official story told to the Baron.

Malken then pointed out that the city had a twofold problem, someone was hijacking the shipments before they arrived at Susmore, and someone was well positioned enough in Susmore to sneak assailants to attack the shipment once it arrived as well. He then gave the party the option of selecting which angle they wanted to attack. The party selected to ride north to Adlar, where the shipments were sailed from, to determine who was tampering with the goods.

Along the road to Adlar they were accosted by a group of seemingly incompetent brigands who simply called them names and threw rocks but otherwise allowed them to pass undisturbed. Perhaps it was Dechebal that intimidated them, he was certainly not taking any grief.

Arriving at Adlar, the group split up, with Dechebal and Asha headed to a warehouse pointed out to them by the harbor master. Vincent hung out with the horses at the head of town and kept his eyes alert. Drakol wandered behind Deche and Asha for a short time and then began following them out of town when a bag was tossed over his head, a heavy weight crashed into his skull and he fell unconscious. Deche and Asha inspected the warehouse and found nothing amiss, it was locked from the outside on all the entrances and there seemed to be something stored in it.

They met up with Vincent and began wondering where Drakol had gone. Vincent caught sight of a eight year old street urchin named Simon who bolted when seen. After giving chase, they cornered him in a dead end alley where he hid under some garbage. Vincent walked slowly down the alley, flexing his intimidation muscles, becoming something terrifying to even Asha, who found herself pulling away from Vincent in barely disguised horror. Between Deche and Vincent they learned that Drakol had been “dealt with” by Simon’s uncle and made him take them to his house so that they could deal with this man.

Upon arrival, Dechebal attempted to beat his answers out of the man, and when that failed they drug him back through the alleys and out of town to continue it. After interrogating him in the nearby woods they drug him back to the center of town trussed up as a spectacle. This drew out the man Simon’s uncle had mentioned, Warrik. The curtain closed on this session as Warrik and the group prepared themselves for combat after exchanging some verbal jabs.

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