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  • Cedric Aram

    Sent the party to examine the ruins of Aluhandros. Paid the party 1000g for the Relics they brought back. Based in Susmore, recently having made enough money to move himself from the Merchants Quarter to the Nobles District.

  • Gundak Arrengson

    His father was also a collector, and left a substantial collection to him. He has pieces from around the world, including from the region of the Frozen North, near the Eye of Io. Willing to hire groups to search for more artifacts for him, and if they can …

  • Padraig Malken

    Currently unpopular with the populace, due to a number of laws he has introduced with an eye towards expanding Susmore‚Äôs influence beyond the Midlands region. Has a rumored fondness for one of the girls at the House of Earthy Delights, named Miriya. …

  • Sirene Kilmura

    Madam of the House of Earthly Delights, a cathouse in one of the lower rent neighborhoods of the Merchant Quarter, near the docks. Padraig Malken purportedly has an interest in one of her girls, Miriya.

  • Myra Hinterman

    Helped the party out by offering her home to Halie to use to overlook Cedric Aram's house (where the grain shipment the PCs were guarding was being delivered).

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